Participant feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Participants were asked, "What did you learn through your participation in Click, Create & Collaborate." Below are some of the responses:

"Through Click, Create, Collaborate our students are highly engaged, and are developing skills to be 21st-century thinkers and learners. Web 2.0 tools improve learning because these applications are intrinsically interactive, collaborative, flexible and well-suited to technology-rich, inquiry-based learning." - Tara Phethean, Todd Elementary, Briarcliff Manor School District

"I had the opportunity to use Web 2.0 tools that I would never have tried before. I feel more confident that I have more to offer as a teacher-librarian. Collaborating with other teachers in a comfortable setting was also very helpful. Brainstorming with others is always a good resource." - Stephanie Paul, Albert Leonard Middle School/New Rochelle

"The continued emphasis on learning standards in the content of the course and the sharing of practical projects with colleagues was invaluable." - Amalia Connolly, Mohansic Elementary, Yorktown

"My confidence and enthusiasm developed and the skills I developed gave me confidence to share the new Web 2.0 tools with my teacher colleagues." - Phyllis DiBianco, Scarsdale High School, Scarsdale UFSD

"The biggest thing I learned is to plunge right in to using Web 2.0 tools with my classes. It's good to plan and know what you are trying to accomplish, but beyond that you need to take a leap of faith and just do it. The plunge is definitely worth any risk it entails. Students are motivated by these tools and their success is measurable. Thank you!" - Jane del Villar, Byram Hills Central School District

"I learned how to incorporate new tools into not only my curriculum but that of my teachers. I can help teachers enrich their lessons with innovative sites and media." - Sari Goldmeer, Ardsley High School

"How to use various 2.0 tools which I can suggest that other teachers use when we collaborate on units. Feeling more confident using these tools I ran two workshops during Superintendents Conference Day on digital storytelling." - JoAnn Bronschidle, Mahopac Middle School - Mahopac CSD

"To have confidence in what you are doing, to continue to challenge yourself to explore and learn new technologies and share them with others." - Victoria Bradley, Bedford CSD

"Pam's book was one of the most valuable resources I received! I loved having all of that knowledge at my fingertips." - Elizabeth Heller, Harrison Avenue School; Harrison Central School District

"I modeled how we were taught to integrate tools for a professional development work day that I ran. It was so helpful to have the time and "assignment" to learn about these tools." - Cynthia Sandler, North Salem MS/HS North Salem CSD

"One of the best parts of the experience was having time to talk with and share with other librarians in the area and to get ideas from them. We so often work in isolation, especially at the high school level where I am the only high school librarian in my district and of course the only librarian in my building. I really appreciated the time to meet with and share ideas with other high school librarians." - Catherine Johnson, Harrison High School, Harrison Central School District

"I'm feeling much more confident using [Web] 2.0 tools on a regular basis. I've created my own LiveBinders folders to keep my professional bookmarks and I feel confident about using these tools in the future." - Teka McCabe, Briarcliff Middle School, Briarcliff Manor